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Fashion Idioms – English Vocabulary December 5th, 2017

Fashion Idioms Feature ImageEveryone wants to look good, and it takes a lot of skill to find the right style. Even more difficult is talking about it! It is very fun when we visit another culture to observe the fashion of the area and try to imitate it ourselves. Looking like a local can help us to understand them in a new way, and learn about their way of life. Sometimes we bring this fashion home with us, and people have many questions about it. Whether you are a fashionista or simply towing the line, today we will learn how to use some of the most common idioms for fashion.

Here we go!

While going to work, I saw this woman wearing the most incredible shoes that I had to turn my head and watch her walk away because they were so eye-catching. I couldn’t stop looking!

Fashion Idioms

Fashion Police
My friend really thinks he is the fashion police. Anytime we go out, he needs to approve my outfit or he won’t let me join him!

Fashion Idioms

To Have an Eye for Fashion
Professional designers are people who have a real eye for fashion. It seems very natural for them to know what is or is not stylish. They always look so good!

Fashion Idioms

Dressed to the Nines
When I was invited to the opera, my friend told me that it was required for me to dress to the nines because everyone would also be quite fancy there.

Fashion Idioms

To be Dressed to Kill
After she broke up with her partner, she decided to have some fun and she really dressed to kill that night. Everyone wanted to talk to her because she looked so incredible!

Fashion Idioms

Since I was the youngest child, all of my clothes were hand-me-downs. I never had anything new to wear until I went to college!

Fashion Idioms

Now, let’s try putting some of these together into a paragraph.
Choose 3 idioms from above to put into a paragraph. Give it to a friend to see if they can understand the vocab you used.

When you prepare for an interview, it’s important to think about the way you will dress. It can be very fun to dress to kill, but it might be too much for a professional work space. If it’s very formal, you can dress to the nines and make a great impression. Of course, if you have an eye for fashion you don’t need to worry about the hiring manager being the fashion police. You’ll blow them away even if you wear hand-me-downs!

That’s all for today everyone. Now get out there, grab some style, and have some fun with your fashion!