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Fun Winter Activities in Boston January 25th, 2013

When fresh snow covers the city, Boston turns into a charming, winter wonderland. Boston celebrates the winter through activities inspired by the snow. Below are some of our some of our favorite things to do. These activities should not be missed, especially if you are from a warm weather climate! You should experience everything winter has to offer. Come play in the snow with us!

Snowy Boston

Ice Skating at the Frog Pond: This activity is one of Boston’s oldest and most fun traditions! Each winter, the Frog Pond attracts thousands of visitors looking to have fun, get moving and take in some breathtaking, romantic views of the city. The rink is open Sunday – Thursday from 10AM – 9PM and stays open until 10PM on Fridays & Saturdays! Admission is only $5.00 and you can rent skates for just $9.00.

Sledding at Jamaica Pond: A bit off the beaten path, this pond is a local landmark and offers some of the best hills in the city for sledding. Pick up a cheap sled at Yumont Hardware on Center Street in Jamaica Plain (known as JP by the locals…) and walk down Burroughs Street to get to the pond. Be sure to take part in the “Sugar Bowl Challenge” – slide down this inverted hill and see if you can build enough momentum to make it up and over the bowl on the other side!

Go Skiing: This year, the Wachusett Mountain has teamed up with Boston’s MBTA to create a round trip “ski train” that leaves North Station at 8:35AM on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. A free shuttle bus will take skiers directly to the mountain and back at the end of the day to catch the 5:35 train back to Boston. This special train schedule will run from December 10 – March 31. Ski Train (commuter rail) fares as low as $7.75 one way! Visit www.wachusett.com for more information, prices and schedules.


Play in the Snow: Step One: Bundle up! Step Two: Gather friends and head to any of Boston’s beautiful snow-filled parks. Step Three: Pick up a handful of snow and throw it at your friends!

Climb the Bunker Hill Monument: At the top of this 221-foot granite monument you will see some of the best views that Boston has to offer! The monument is open to the public from 9AM – 5PM every day with the last climb at 4:30PM. You’ll certainly break a sweat climbing the monument’s 294 steps!

Join a Gym: Many Boston gyms offer pools, rock climbing and best of all: saunas! For indoor rock climbing, visit Rock Spot Climbing! They offer Student Nights on Friday & Sunday with discounted rate! The Boston Rock Gym offers indoor and outdoor climbing. For $58.00 you get a two-week course that includes three hours of lessons and climbing, equipment rental, a day pass and a two week gym membership! For more info on this awesome deal, visit bostonrockgym.com/indoor.htm!

ELC Boston students