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Gerunds versus Infinitives? February 8th, 2016


Whether a verb uses a gerund and/or an infinitive can be a tricky part of the English language. The more you read and use them in context, the easier it will be to learn! Here are a few verbs and examples to help distinguish their use!

VERBS THAT TAKE INFINITIVES: choose, continue, dare, expect, fail, hope, intend, manage, proceed, promise, refuse, tend, want, vow (and more)

Example: I choose to go to class early.

VERBS THAT TAKE GERUNDS: admit, appreciate, avoid, defend, deny, dislike, enjoy, finish, intend, resume, stop (and more)

Example: I enjoy swimming in the summer.

VERBS THAT CAN TAKE BOTH: begin, continue, forget, hate, like, love, prefer, regret, remember, start, try

Example: I continued to call her after she left.

I continued calling her after she left.

Note: some verbs change meaning depending on the infinitive or gerund use.

Example: I forgot to meet her for lunch. (I did not remember our appointment, so I did not meet her.)

I forgot meeting her before. (I met her in the past, but I have no memory of it – perhaps because it was a long, long time ago.)

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