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Grammar Lesson – Spring Idioms March 25th, 2014


With Spring right around the corner at ELC Boston, we figured it was only appropriate to introduce (or remind you) of some springtime idioms commonly used in English. In order to fully understand a language, it is of course important to be able to appropriately use idioms and expressions in your every day speech. Here are some common phrases you can incorporate into your speech as the weather warms up!

Spring Fever

Spring Fever: To have spring fever is to feel restless from the long cold winter. It is the over eagerness to enjoy the warm spring sunshine!

I’m so excited about the warm temperatures; I was beginning to suffer from spring fever!

April showers bring May flowers

April showers bring May flowers: With spring sunshine comes spring rain. This expression is used to ease the pain of rainy April days and remind one that the rain is necessary to allow the plants to come back to life after winter!

I know the weather hasn’t been great lately, but remember: April showers bring May flowers!

Spring Chicken

Spring chicken: To be a spring chicken is to be very young and full of life.

Mary may try to hide it, but she is a spring chicken. Everyone is always surprised by how young she is!

Be full of the joys of Spring

Be full of the joys of Spring: Since spring is the season of new life, this expression is used to reference the feeling of happiness that comes with the season.

It’s raining cats and dogs

It’s raining cats and dogs: This expression is used to refer to very very heavy rain, particularly the kind of rain that is generally associated with the springtime.

It was raining cats and dogs on the drive home last night; I could barely see out of the window!

Spring to life

Spring to life: To spring to life is to come back to life again. The expression comes from the idea that things go dormant over the winter due to the cold, and the warmer weather of spring brings them back to life again.

The party always springs to life when Erin walks in.

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb

March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb: This expression is used to refer to the weather in the month of March. Typically, March begins with colder weather as the winter begins to fade and spring begins to take shape. The beginning of March is strong and fierce, like a lion. As the month progresses, the temperatures warms up and the snow melts, and March begins to more closely resemble the gentle nature of a lamb than a lion.

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March begin with terrible blizzard, and now it’s warm and sunny! March sure did come in like a lion and I am happy that it is going out like a lamb!