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Haikus! Advice for students December 19th, 2011

Bridget’s Reading & Writing class wrote advice for other students in the form of haikus. Here are some of their suggestions about studying at ELC and living in Boston during the winter.

Open your whole mind,

experience E.L.C.

and all of the world

-Sergio from Guatemala

Warm coat, scarf and boots

are the necessary clothes

to survive winter.

-Laura from Switzerland

Bring warm clothes to class,

do have the mood to study,

have a great journey.

-Valeria from Venezuela

Hard work everyday

choose what’s right, not what is easy

you can get it all

-Fahad from Saudi Arabia

The best school ever

better than expectation


-Minchang from Korea

Don’t be shy to them.

Say hello when you see them

through windows, workers

-Minseon from Korea

(about the construction workers working on the facade of the building)