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Haiti Relief (from Coast to Coast) February 9th, 2010

Haiti Relief (from Coast to Coast)

ELC Los Angeles and ELC Boston are engaging in some friendly competition for a good cause. ELC is holding a fundraiser to help the relief effort in Haiti after the devastation of the massive earthquake on January 12th. ELC Los Angeles has challenged ELC Boston to see which school can raise the most money in an effort to provide hope to the people of Haiti.

The English Language Center is going to match all donations made in Los Angeles and Boston. That means every donation the students and staff make is doubled! Every little bit counts and the people of Haiti need all the support they can get to rebuild in the aftermath of the earthquake.

ELC’s donations will go to The International Rescue Committee. IRC is a well-recognized relief organization founded in 1933. For more information about the IRC, please visit their website at www.theirc.org/

Check back soon to see how much ELC has raised and to hear some thoughts about the relief efforts from our students.