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Halloween Door Decorating Competition November 5th, 2010

On October 26th, ELC students worked as a class in a door decorating competition. There was a 50 minute time limit, and students cut, pasted, and colored their classroom doors. Each class was given a few basic supplies, yet the results surprised everyone!

Fernando Olivera Raya from Spain commented,

The door decorating competition was a great initiative nearly to Halloween Day. Our class was really motivated with the challenge. First, we shared our ideas to the rest of the class deliberating in a brainstorming presentation. Once the idea was decided, we started to decorate our class’ door. While my classmates were working in their stuff I drew a vamp. The final result was amazing because all of us worked as a real team.”

Altug Karakoc from Switzerland added,

“It was very exciting. I cut the black colored paper for Dracula’s costume out of the newspaper. We had very genius class.”

Both of these students represented winning classes and were able to enjoy some Diddy Riese cookies as a prize!

It was a difficult competition to judge because there were so many well designed doors and inventive themes.