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Halloween Events in Los Angeles – ELC Los Angeles October 12th, 2013

halloween-pictureAt ELC Los Angeles, October is one of the most exciting months… because of Halloween!

To celebrate, we have events such as a decorating party, door decoration contest, trip to Knott’s Scary Farm, costume shopping, Halloween make up activity, pumpkin carving, and costume contest!

However, there are more Halloween activities and events you can attend if you want to go on your own time. Check out these for some spooky adventure:

1) Blackout & The Purge

The Blackout Haunted House is located in Downtown, and this experience will require you to be at least 18 years old and even sign a waiver before you go in. The tickets cost $65, and what’s different compared to other haunted houses is that you have to go in alone. If you’d rather experience a similar horror-theater, go check out the “The Purge”, which is designed based on the movie. Go check out their website for more information!



 blackout haunted house

2) Queen Mary

Go aboard on the Queen Mary during October to experience a frightening night! The Queen Mary is located in Long Beach and has events all year long, but you can only enjoy the “Dark Harbor” during this month. Tickets start as low as $24, and you can enjoy terrifying mazes, shows, and go on rides as well. If you want to experience a scary night near the sea, this is the experience for you.


 queen mary

3) Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

Similar to Knott’s Scary Farm, Universal Studios spice up their theme park during the nights for Halloween. There are plenty of scare zones, walk through attractions, and shows. If you are a fan of “Walking Dead” or “Insidious”, you may want to check this out since Universal Studios will be featuring some films and tv shows!


universal studios insidious

Remember to join our annual ELC trip to Knott’s Scary Farm this year and sign up at the Main Office to buy your tickets! Our trip this year will take place on October 24th, and we only have 50 spaces available. Come secure your spot before it’s too late, and get ready for a scary but fun filled experience!