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Halloween Ghost Tour in Boston – ELC Boston October 31st, 2013

Halloween Ghost Tour - ELC Boston

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Recently at ELC Boston, we’ve been enjoying a great deal of Halloween inspired activities! Since Halloween is a very popular holiday in America, we wanted to be sure our students got a real taste of what the holiday is all about.

On Thursday October 17th, some of our students participated in a ghost tour around the city of Boston. Since Boston is a very old city, many of its buildings are rich in history, some of which is pretty spooky! Students met downtown at Faneuil Hall after the sun had gone down to meet with their guide who would show them around to some of Boston’s scariest places.

The tour started behind some of Boston’s oldest pubs, where people have claimed to see the ghost of a woman wandering through the back halls. She was said to be dressed in revolutionary war clothes, and although our students didn’t see her, they definitely felt a presense.

The guide continued on through the alleyways around Faneuil hall, which was home to many ghosts of patriots from the Revolutionary war. He took the students past what is now a Bank of America, a location where multiple people have claimed to see the ghost of a popular American revolutionary, Crispus Attucks.

Later, the students stood in front of Boston’s most haunted building, the Omni Parker House, which happens to be right down the street from ELC! The students heard story after story of haunted happenings in the hotel, and everyone hoped none of those ghosts would make their way over to ELC.

Although the students themselves didn’t have too many spooky encounters on the tour, they definitely enjoyed getting to see a scarier side of Boston!