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ELC - English Language Center Santa Barbara
Halloween in Santa Barbara November 12th, 2014

ELC Halloween in Santa Barbara was an amazing success! The Halloween party was an all day event and included many different games and activities. Students, teachers, and staff all were excited to participate in the spooky fun!

The day started with a pumpkin-carving contest. Each class was given a pumpkin to create a jack-o-lantern – a pumpkin with a face carved into it. There were some very scary and unique pumpkins! The top three winners were Michael’s class with a pirate pumpkin, Melissa’s class with a pumpkin giving birth to a baby pumpkin, and Marlene’s class with a witch pumpkin. While enjoying pizza for lunch, students and teachers were able to admire the pumpkins on display in the front office.

pumpkins SB

After lunch we played many Halloween games! The first was a mummy wrap! Students were divided into teams of three and the first to wrap one of their team members in toilet paper was the mummy winner! The winning team was Loic, Niklas, and Nicola. Next was a donut-eating contest – a race to see who could eat an entire donut the fastest… without hands! There were two rounds of the contest and the winners were Moe and Niklas.

donut eating contest

Finally, we held a costume contest! Everyone voted on three categories: funny, most original, and scary. Hwajung dressed up as minion from Despicable Me and won the category of most funny. Niklas and Nicola dressed up as Jesus and an angel and won ‘most original’. Yannick dressed up as a bloody zombie and won scariest. So many other students had great costumes as well including animals, robots, ninja turtles, and pirates.

Michael's Class

Many of the teachers and staff had amazing costumes too. Some of our favorites were Vickie who dressed up as a jellyfish, Liz as a deer, Marlene as a peacock, and Nancy who was an elderly housewife. Vickie, Liz, Marlene, and Nancy all made their costumes themselves. Both Liz and Sarah dressed up as English language idioms. Liz was ‘a deer in headlights’ and Sarah was ‘a shot in the dark’.  Thanks ELC students and staff for making this Halloween so much fun!  Next year will be tough to beat. Halloween SB

immediate vortex