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Happy Holidays from ELC Los Angeles! December 20th, 2012

The Christmas spirit has finally arrived in Los Angeles! With the Cambridge testing over, it was time for all the Christmas decoration to come out and shine. Tinsels, snowglobes, reindeers, and christmas lights took over the student lounge and the main office, bringing the holiday spirit to all of us. And of course, our main star was the eight feet Christmas tree put up in the student lounge. Some of our students helped decorate the tree with our colorful ornaments, and also tried candy canes for the first time!

To continue the Christmas celebration, there was a free Christimas movie screening at ELC last Friday, and we also have a White Elephant Exchange this Friday, the 21st. White Elephant is a game/gift exchange where students will be bringing in wrapped gifts worth $5-$10, and put it in a pile where students will then be able to choose a random gift to take as their own. Each participant will draw a random number and choose one present from the pile, or steal a gift from someone who has already chose something good. The more people the merrier, so start looking for some presents that you can bring in to participate!

Also, don’t forget that ELC will be closed on the 24th and 25th! If you are still looking for something to do during the four day weekend, there is a San Francisco trip starting from Saturday (12/22) morning until Monday (12/24) evening. Union Square is beautiful with the tall Christmas tree and the ice rink during this season, and this trip will also include a Santa Barbara tour on Monday afternoon. Make sure to bring layers though-it’ll be cold up north!

Happy Holidays from us all at ELC Los Angeles!

– Cyndi, Student Services Coordinator