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Happy New Year! January 11th, 2013

Happy New Year from everyone at ELC Boston! This month, ELC staff and students are talking a lot about
New Year’s resolutions. What will you promise yourself in the New Year? What are your personal and
academic goals for yourself? What improvements can you make in 2013?

New Years Resolution Board

I wanted to create an inspiration board for our students and staff to help everyone visualize and commit to their resolutions. This led me to meet one of the most creative and talented students ever to come to ELC. Roselourdes offered to help me create a beautiful work of art for students and staff to anonymously contribute to our Resolution Inspiration Board. I have never seen more artistic dedication to construction paper and glitter in my life! What a work of art! I am so impressed with Rose’s work that I have hired her as my Artistic and Creative Advisor during her stay here at ELC Boston. Her salary will be paid in chocolate and unconditional love.

Resolution stars

This winter, stop by ELC’s front office and take a moment to tell us about your New Year’s Resolution!
Happy and healthy 2013 to all our friends around the globe!

– Cara, Student Services Coordinator

Student Spotlight: Roselourdes