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Helpful and Important Locations to Know in Santa Barbara March 6th, 2012

We know how stressful and overwhelming it can be to come to a new school in a new area; that’s why we want make your time at Santa Barbara ELC as comfortable as possible! Here are some things you should know before coming to Santa Barbara.

Below is a list of places that our past and current students have asked us about most frequently:

The Post Office
1221 State St # 12
Santa Barbara
(800) 275-8777

Transit Center (Santa Barbara MTD)
550 East Cota Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
(805) MTD-3702

You can download the bus route map at: SB bus map. More information on the public transportation  in Santa Barbara is available at: http://www.totalsantabarbara.com/trans.shtml

If you need to purchase an outlet or plug adapter for your electronics, go to:

Santa Barbara Home Improvement Center
415 East Gutierrez Street,
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Nearby markets/grocery stores:

100 West Carrillo Street
Santa Barbara
(805) 564-7000

Whole Foods Market (This store is great for organic and natural food options.)
3761 State St
Santa Barbara
(805) 837-6959

Nearby drugstores:

1109 State Street
Santa Barbara

Rite Aid
825 State Street
Santa Barbara
(805) 966-2760

Nearby banks:

Wells Fargo
1036 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara
(805) 564-2702

1302 State Street
Santa Barbara
(805) 568-5601

3757 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
(800) 627-3999

Nearby movie theaters:

Paseo Nuevo Cinemas
8 East De La Guerra Street
Santa Barbara
(805) 966-6482

Metro 4 Theater
618 State Street
Santa Barbara
(877) 789-6684

The Arlington Theater
1317 State St
Santa Barbara
(805) 963-4408

Nearby health/fitness locations:

24 Hour Fitness Sport
820 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 899-4008

Yoga Soup
28 Parker Way
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 965-8811
*provides student discounts

If there are other locations that you would find helpful that are not on this list, please let us know! We’ll make sure to add them!

We hope you enjoy your stay in Santa Barbara. Not only do our students love the location because it’s close to the beach, they also enjoy it because it’s close to anything that they would ever need. Everything is either in walking distance or a short bus ride away!