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Highlights of ELC F.C.’s Soccer Debut February 24th, 2015

The students that attend the English Language Center have always enjoyed playing pick-up soccer.  Every Wednesday from March until November, Bostonians can find a large group of international students, as well as teacher Janet, kicking the ball around the Boston Common or Clemente Field.

ELC FC Soccer Team

Although winter in Boston is beautiful, it is not ideal to run outside and play soccer.  As avid soccer lovers, the students decided to join an adult league.  Boston Ski and Sports Club (BSSC) is Boston’s largest social sports organizer.  They promote social events through indoor and outdoor adventures for some active socialization.  When we set up a team through BSSC for the winter months it was more than exciting.  Most of the students who joined the team had been at ELC since the summer months and were part of the loyal Wednesday soccer crew.  The energetic students always knew they were good at soccer but this was their opportunity to put practice into play!

ELC FC won four out of their first five games.  They were second in the league consisting of six teams!  See for yourself with the breakdown of points:

“We are good and proud of it!  We even like to take celebratory snapchats at the end of the games to brag to our friends about our impressive scores.”

I asked Redwan and Moody, two very dedicated soccer teammates, what their favorite memory of being on the team has been.  At first, Redwan said that he likes when we take snapchats after the game.  But, he really enjoys when we score. “When we score the entire team is happy and cheers for that player” Redwan said, “we play together and don’t just support ourselves, we support each other.  We all want to be the champion of the league.”  Moody reported that he loves being with such great people.  He loves spending time with the whole team on Sunday evenings.  Moody started ELC F.C.’s season by scoring the very first goal!  They both said they enjoy speaking English with our team, with the other team, and with the referee.  It is good practice outside of the classroom and thus improves their English.

ELC Boston Soccer Team Snapchat

ELC Boston Soccer Team

ELC Boston on the soccer field!

A couple of weeks later the playoffs began.  With a lot of hard work, practice, and skill, the dedicated team was hoping to bring home ELC’s first soccer championship title.  Unfortunately, ELC F.C. did not win.  Our team made it to the final round and lost.  The season ended after a tiring feat, but, in return the students gained friendships, cultural experience, and unforgettable memories!

Selfie on the soccer field