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Interview with Student Elyas Alalli – ELC Los Angeles August 19th, 2013

Interview with Elyas

Elyas helping student

You may have noticed some new faces in our Main Office during this summer-Liz Yu and

Elyas Alalli! Liz Yu (yes, she was our third Elizabeth in the LA office) was our intern, and

Elyas worked with us full-time during our busiest season. What you may have not known

though, is that Elyas is actually not “new”. He used to be a student with ELC not too long 

ago, and has returned to assist us in the office.

We interviewed Elyas to learn more about him, and to also get some advice on applying

to college in the U.S.!


Name: Elyas Alalli

Studied at ELC in: 3/28/11-2/24/12

Current School: California State University Northridge (CSUN)

Major: Biochemistry

Future Plan: Disney Animator/Medical School


1) Why did you decide to study at ELC?

I chose ELC because I wanted to be near my grandfather, whom at the time I was living

with. I was originally booked to study in Michigan, but decided that being around family

would make the transition from Saudi Arabia to America easier. That is when my agency

told me about ELC.

Liz Yu and Elyas

2) Any favorite memories/classes during your time at ELC?

I really enjoyed my Cambridge preparation courses. I met a lot of new students who

I now call friends. I’ve also learned a lot from the diverse cultural backgrounds my

classmates had to offer. I definitely made special bonds with certain teachers that I’ll

keep forever.

However, the best memories were always in the office. I can honestly say that the office

staff made me feel very welcomed. Waking up extra early to catch my hour and a half

bus ride to make it to school every day was worth it because I got to hang out with them

in between class. I even stayed behind longer, at times.

Staff Picture

3) How did you apply to your college, and any recommendations for students who are pursuing a college in the U.S?

I actually had to wait half a year to apply to my university because I missed a lot of

deadlines. After that, it was just a process of acquiring all the necessary documents, may

it be tests, transcripts, or letters of recommendation. So please apply in ADVANCE to

find out what documents are needed. I cannot stress on that enough. Most students

make the mistake of leaving the applications until the last minute. That is not in your

favor. Another tip is to go to the colleges or universities in person. It helps when the

admissions office has a face to picture when they go over the thousands of applications.

It really helps yours stand out.


4) Please share something that you enjoy working in the Main Office, and let’s say…something that you are not a “big fan” of

I really enjoy being able to work with the office staff. Being back here at ELC is just

great.ot many people get to say that they truly enjoy the people they work with. I, on

the other hand, can. I can also say that they are not only my colleagues, but they are

also dear friends of mine. So, waking up in the morning to go to work isn’t bad at all.

I cannot think of anything that I’m not a big fan of. Would it be too cheesy to say that

I’m not a big fan of leaving? Haha, honestly I just wish I got to see my coworkers more

often when I’m not working at ELC. That is my only complaint.


Note: Elyas was able to work with us because he is an U.S. Citizen. Please note that F-1 students are NOT allowed to work because of their visa.


Thank you Elyas for helping us out so much! Students, teachers, and especially the office

staff appreciate all the time, hard work, and cheerful attitude that you’ve provided us.

We will miss you, but we will try to fix your complaint and keep in touch! See you

again Elyas!