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Lalo is back with more stories and advice! March 9th, 2010

What’s up? Here I am again… Ha ha! But this time it’s only me, Lalo. Sophie went to Argentina, because now she wants to improve her Spanish. I’m so jealous; she has better weather than I do. Last month I spent a lot of money traveling. My advice: keep track of your expenses. However that hasn’t stopped me from having fun. Even poor, my friends and I have tried new things here in town. The last one was a bus party. I won’t show you all the pictures since I want to be able to find a job after I have graduated from College.

What other things, Oh! I remember we had that salsa night in Cambridge, which if the subway works as it supposed to work, it will only take you about 20 minutes to get there. Almost 2 weeks ago my buddies and I got lost in the south of Boston trying to find a Venezuelan restaurant.

Another piece of advice: always bring a city map with you. Besides that, we watched the Blue Man show, and the funny part is that you don’t even need English to understand what’s going on. Just go to Bostix in front the Public Library to get tickets were half of the price.

I had to ask my parents for a little loan (I’ll pay them back one day) in order to make a travel to Philadelphia with my friend Ludo who wanted to check out the University of Pennsylvania. Even thought it seemed to us difficult to apply, not to mention expensive, we are still interested. Let’s see what happens, maybe I can come only for a year as a College exchange student.

Blah blah enough bothering you with my personal life! I would recommend creating a Facebook account, if you don’t have one, to keep in touch. Oh yep… International relations are important… Ha ha! Try skiing in New Hamphire; chances of ending with a broken leg are just 50/50. No, seriously speaking, be careful…. Don’t believe me; ask my Writing teacher, Aubrey. Now I’m wondering if she will kick me out of the block. I ? Boston. See ya guys!

P.S. If you are planning to travel to New York be sure to pick out a good bus company. Twice I’ve been stuck in the middle of nowhere. *** Buses!

–Eladio aka “Lalo” Alcalde, Mexico

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