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Life in Los Angeles March 8th, 2011

Los Angeles is a city where a student can’t say ” I’m bored … ”

ELC Los Angeles enjoys a good location in Westwood, the place of UCLA . It’s close to Santa Monica Beach where you can find some good restaurants and stores on the Third Street promenade.

If sports are important for you, it’s easy to find a place in the area of Westwood to play soccer, basketball or other sports. Also if you are more excited to take a seat and enjoy sports in a stadium, you can go in Downtown. Why? It is home of the mythic Staples center. The Lakers and Clippers teams (NBA) play there like the LA Kings (NHL).

Now let’s speak about the ”Night Life” 😉 As you can find in Boston, on Sunset Boulevard you can find the House of Blues and some good nightclubs. West Hollywood is also a good place for the night life.

If you want to know everything you have to do or see in Los Angeles, I think an article is not enough; a book may be better.

Anyway, this is a list of some places to visit if you come to LA.
– Getty Center and Wax Museum
– The observatory in Griffith Park
– Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Universal studios
– Venice Beach, Malibu, Manhattan Beach
– Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive”

By Goulven Goudent, France