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Lunch Advice from a Boston Student October 23rd, 2014

Today an ELC student, Rutger, decided to share some advice that he would give to an incoming student.  He thought it would be helpful to share his insights about two of the locations near the school to buy a nice lunch! Rutger decided to compare food from Quincy Market, and food from the mall’s Food Court.  Here is a little bit of background information of the two suggestions before we share Rutger’s words of advice.

Quincy Market was built in 1825 as a grocery store market.  Vendors would sell eggs, meat, vegetables, and other grocery food items.  Now, it is home to many different fast food restaurants and on-the-go options!  Tourists as well as downtown workers and local Bostonians go to Quincy Market for lunch.

The Food Court is located at the Corner Mall.  It is more of a food court than a mall.  There are many stores in the area so it is a great location to walk around, shop, and eat!

Here is Rutger’s list!


Quincy Market Highlights

  • Good quality food

  • A wide variety of food

  • A must see in Boston!

  • His favorite food to eat: Pepperoni pizza from Regina Pizzeria

Food Court Highlights

  • Closer to ELC

  • Cheaper, more affordable food

  • His favorite food to eat: Chicken quesadilla from Salsa’s Mexican Grill


Rutger’s conclusion: for better quality food you have to walk a little further and pay a little more. The Food Court is a cheaper lunch within a short walking distance, but Quincy Market has a large variety of very delicious food. Rutger says the choice is yours!

Lunch options in Boston - Food Court Lunch options in Boston - Quincy Market