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ELC - English Language Center Los Angeles
Meet an ELC teacher February 1st, 2012

Jackie Lund has been teaching at ELC for over 9 years.  Although she can speak both French and Spanish, what draws students to her class is her down to Earth approach to rapid English improvement. 

Down the street from the ELC LA campus , I had a chance to chat with Jackie about her life and career as an educator. 

“The most important part of studying English is continuing language learning once students return to their home countries.”  Jackie recommends practicing English every day by using simple techniques such as watching BBC (or another English based television station), making friends with a native English speakers, listening to music with English lyrics (I recommend the band Wilco) and finding new ways to make speaking English a daily practice. 

Although it is a challenge to teach English in any setting, Jackie relishes the challenge of using non-verbal, visually oriented teaching methods.  “I make sure to speak slowly and clearly and use visual cues to communicate directly to students.” 

We’re glad to have Jackie on our team here in Los Angeles and so are our students!