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ELC Santa Barbara
ELC - English Language Center Santa Barbara
ELC Santa Barbara’s 1st Student February 16th, 2012

ELC is excited to announce the opening of a new school in the beautiful and sunny Santa Barbara! We interviewed the first student booked at ELC Santa Barbara to learn about his experience so far.

Name: Daniel
Age: 21
From: Seengen, Switzerland
Job back home: Landscaper

What brought you to ELC?
I was on a road trip with my friends. I decided to stay to learn English, so my agency told me about the ELC.

What has been your experience at ELC?
I like the ELC. The building is very nice—so are the classrooms. I have a good teacher. She helps me understand grammar. The classes are very good for me. I’m learning a lot.  My classmates are from many countries, so we can practice English together. My classmates and I get along and have fun together.

Do you like Santa Barbara?
Yes, I like Santa Barbara. It is beautiful. There’s a touch of Spain here. There is a lot to do here. There are so many things to do and a lot of restaurants to try. I love that the school is by the ocean and by State Street.

What have you done so far in Santa Barbara?
I have met many new people on State Street. I like going out with my classmates and doing different things in downtown Santa Barbara. I also like going to different restaurants and trying different kinds of food. My classmate and I went to In-N-Out Burger, and I really liked it.

How do you like your homestay?
I like my homestay very much. My homestay mom is very nice. She drove me around the first day I was in Santa Barbara to show me what is in the area. The home is close to the school, so taking the bus is very easy.

To learn more about ELC Santa Barbara, please visit the ELC website and see the school video on YouTube!