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Megwin studies English at ELC Los Angeles January 19th, 2014


From the end of September to early December, we had some Youtube stars studying at our school. The three students from Japan, Ken, Yuya, and Hayato, are part of the Youtube Channel “Megwin”. They have over 2,700 videos featuring new games and challenges, and they upload a new video every day. While they were in Los Angeles, they made a special playlist called “I can’t speak English Challenge!!” which shows their various encounters and experiences during their stay in Los Angeles. If you also like hamburgers, the “Hamburger Game” is also a funny one to watch as you follow their journey of eating at ten different fast food restaurants and comparing the menus. To wrap up their stay in Los Angeles, they also organized a live comedy show at Youtube Space LA in December. They invited all of our students to attend, and even organized rides for those who were interested. You’ll probably see some familiar ELC faces in the audience in this video!


Although they speak in Japanese for the most part, they also have English subtitles for the two playlists mentioned above so that English speakers can also follow along. If you look closely, you can also see how they filmed some of their scenes at our school too!


Below are some comments that the three students provided us after their stay:



I spent three months at ELC Since it was my first time living in the United States, I had many concerns at first. However, because the office staff members and teachers were very friendly and kind to me, I was able to spend a very fulfilling time here. When I first enrolled, I couldn’t even order a hamburger at a fast food restaurant, but after three months I improved even to the point where I could say a casual joke to a waiter. I would like to continue working on my English. Thank you very much for everything.



Thank you everybody!! I made a lot of friends as well. It is because of ELC that I was able to have such a fun time in Los Angeles MAJIDE (for real).



Thank you very much for everything. The office staff members were very kind, and I enjoyed the fun conversations we had. If I have the opportunity, I would like to study at ELC again.


Check our their Youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/megwin to watch their videos at your own computer!