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Movie Premiere: “You Again” October 12th, 2010

Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver at "You Again" premiere

Los Angeles is home to many movie premieres every month. One of the most unique activities for students in LA is to go and watch the celebrities arriving, and walking down the  red carpet. Last Wednesday, over fifty ELC students went to Hollywood with  teachers to watch Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis and other famous actors arrive for the movie premiere of ‘You Again’ at the Graumann’s Chinese Theatre. Often, getting  good photographs at movie premieres involves finding a great spot to wait in, and lots of patience! Sumika Tominaga from Japan managed to get some excellent shots of the stars as they arrived.  Students were also able to soak up the exciting atmosphere of the Hollywood Walk of Fame as the crowds enthusiastically waited for the premiere to begin. If you’re interested in attending a movie premiere, we recommend you check the ELC calendar when you arrive – we try to include one as an activity every month! You can also check out www.seeing-stars.com <http://www.seeing-stars.com> , a website that has a calendar of Hollywood events and movie premieres.

Kristen Bell at "You Again" premiere

Odette Yustman at "You Again" premiere