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Nearby Dining Options in Boston November 8th, 2011

Welcome to ELC Boston at 11 Beacon Street! We hope you like the new school. I’m sure everyone is exploring the new food options in the area. The list below provides some nearby options.

High Spot Deli (HSD)
This deli is directly across the street. They serve breakfast and lunch!
10 Beacon Street

Café Quattro (CQ)
This café is popular with Suffolk University students for its affordable prices.
4 Somerset Street

This Greek lunch spot is so popular that it often has a line out the door. Don’t worry. The lines move quickly!
3 Center Plaza (Upstairs in the plaza area)

Zoup! (Z!)
Their soups are the perfect lunch option to warm up on a chilly day.
3 Center Plaza (Downstairs from the plaza area)

Dore Creperie (DC)
Savory and sweet crepes are available! Hello Nutella Crepe!
1 Beacon Street (It is on the left down Cambridge St.)

Café Delicato (CD)
This café is a local favorite for breakfast and lunch.
8 City Hall Avenue (Down the alley next to Starbucks)

This was a favorite lunch spot at our previous location. Lucky for us there is another one nearby.
275 Washington Street (Turn left down the alley in front Starbucks on School Street. Then turn right down Pi Alley. Viga is on the right.)

Boloco (BLC)
If you are in the mood for a burrito, you can go to Boloco.
27 School Street

Falafel King (FK)
This Middle Eastern take-out food joint does not look much, but it has good reviews online.
48 Winter Street

Sam La Grassa’s (SLG)
This sandwich shop boasts that it makes the best sandwiches in town.
44 Province Street

Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery (BBB)
This places goes beyond the basic bagel with their breakfast and lunch options on fresh baked breads.
7 School Street

B.good (BG)
Their tag line is “real food fast.” They have burgers, sandwiches, and shakes.
255 Washington Street

Dunkin Donuts (DD)
Multiple locations:
22 Beacon Street
127 Tremont Street

Starbucks (SB)
Multiple locations
27 School Street
63 Court Street
12 Winter Street

Whole Foods Market
Alternative you can buy a healthy lunch at the nearby supermarket.
181 Cambridge Street