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Nine Idioms About Love February 12th, 2020

Idioms exist in every language. These words and phrases are not meant to be taken literally and instead take on a figurative meaning. We use idioms in everyday conversation both casually and professionally. 

Idioms can be used to express a variety of feelings and thoughts, including those about love. Use the image below to see some examples of the following idioms about love:

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  1. Get Dumped
    1. When someone ends a romantic relationship 
  2. Tie the Knot
    1. To get married
  3. Love to Pieces
    1. To love someone very much
  4. Blind Date
    1. A date between two people who have not met yet
  5. Double Date
    1. A date in which two couples participate
  6. Fall for Someone
    1. To start to love someone
  7. Find Mr. Right
    1. To find the perfect or most suitable man to be in a relationship with or marry
  8. Pop the Question
    1. To ask someone to get married
  9. Go Dutch
    1. To share the cost of something equally

Let’s see how these idioms are used in everyday conversation. Please read the following dialogue between two friends, Susan and Jane:

Susan: How is Richard?

Jane: Richard is great! I’m so happy I was able to find Mr. Right

Susan: Wow! It seems like you really fell for him

Jane: It’s more than that! I love him to pieces! Now I’m just waiting for him to pop the question!

Susan: Do you know where you want to tie the knot

Jane: I think I would like to get married on a beach. We first met at a beach on our blind date, remember? 

Now, let’s practice by filling in the blanks with one of the idioms we’ve just learned:

  1. After seeing that the price of each movie ticket was $8.00, Jim and Bonnie decided to go __________.
  2. Jim and Karen wanted to go on a ______________ date with Ted and Nancy for Valentine’s Day.
  3. Anthony was worried that he would get _________________ after his girlfriend got mad at him.
  4. I’ve been dating Maria for more than 5 years now. I think I should pop _______________________. 
  5. When we tie _______________________, we will invite all of our friends and family!