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Outside LA: Solstice Canyon May 18th, 2010

There’s way more than the Walk of Fame and Santa Monica Beach to see in and around Los Angeles. If you enjoy breathtaking views, get a car and start to visit all the Recreation Areas around the city. One of my favorite places I’ve visited in the three months I’ve been here is Solstice Canyon. Usually you can reach any place in L.A. by car, but here you have to park at the beginning of the hiking path, which starts around one mile off from Highway #1.

After a short walk along a tiny creek, you reach the ruins of an old-style house. “Robert’s Home” was built in the 1950’s and destroyed by a forest fire in 1982. What is left is the rest of some fireplaces and house walls.

Either you can continue on the marked path or take an alternative route following the river where you‘ll find small waterfalls.

After an hour of hiking you’ll finally reach the top of the walking path (not of the mountain) where you’ll probably stop for a second to take a deep breath and to enjoy the fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean.

On your walk down you can see all the leafless trees that burnt during the famous California forest fires. If you’ve got enough time, climb on one of the two mountains which enclose the canyon. Make sure you don’t forget your camera!

Valentin Kunz, Switzerland