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Reading and Writing Class: “Lovestory” December 17th, 2013



At ELC, students in our Intensive Program and Semi-Intensive Plus Program have the opportunity to take Reading and Writing Class. “Love Story” is a short film made by Eddy’s Reading & Writing class from two sessions ago. Each person in Eddy’s class wrote a three page short screenplay, but it was this screenplay that the class chose to officially tape.

Eddy explained that everything was done in one week. At the beginning of the week the students brainstormed potential ideas together for a screenplay, then they wrote and edited their stories for homework. Once the stories were written, they chose their favorite one. Eddy’s student’s rehearsed, and shot the whole video on that Friday. Since Eddy also makes films through his company, American Ballet of Los Angeles International, he was able to teach his students film terminology, as well as providing them with an example of his own scripts. For filming Eddy assigned each students a different role for example acting, filming, directing, or assisting others, which gave students an opportunity to learn a little more about the film business.

It was a great experience for students who were interested in film, and for some it was a fresh, new experience.

When asking Eddy if he would recommend video making to other classes, he responded with a confident “absolutely”. It was  a great teamwork activity, and all students were able to contribute in their own personal way. And of course it helped that it was in Los Angeles, the film capital of the world! 

 The short film features Sei and Davide, and follows a cute encounter of two individuals who meet through their pet pandas dogs.

Good job everyone!