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ELC - English Language Center Boston
School Picture Day at ELC Boston March 19th, 2013

largeLast Thursday, ELC Boston hosted our first annual picture day and it was a huge success!  Most Americans remember school picture day well…. You wear a nice shirt or blouse, comb your hair with the disposable black plastic comb given to you by the photographer, and sit in front of a gray backdrop while being forced to “tilt your head a bit” and smile for your picture.

This, however, was nothing like ELC’s picture day!

In order to ensure the silliest possible pictures, I was sure to make some fun props for our photo shoot! In addition to our devastatingly good-looking students, we had a picture frame, mustaches, bowties, and kissy mouths props.  Migren, our resident student photographer, was so kind to bring in his professional photography equipment and take studio-quality photos of all of our students and some of the staff!  His talent and hard work really paid off – the photos are beautiful and everyone had so much fun!  During the event, three students requested we do another photo booth in April!

Be sure to check out our Facebook album with all the fun photos. You can also like the ELC Boston Facebook page here: