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Student Spotlight: Ahmed Hamidaddin June 26th, 2016

At ELC, the success of our students is our success too! Nothing makes us prouder than seeing our students go on to pursue higher education and follow their dreams! Ahmed, from Saudi Arabia, has been such a pleasure to have at ELC. His teachers would describe him as an articulate, ambitious and intelligent student, and his peers recognize him for his positive aura and characteristic dreadlocks.

What inspired you to take and English course in Los Angeles?

I have always wanted to take a chance to change my life. In order for me to live in new country I must learn their language first. Therefore LA was the perfect city to do so because it is where dreams come true. The technological innovations, the Hollywood fame and the beautiful sunny weather made me set my destination for LA as a place I call home.

What were you surprised to learn about Los Angeles?

I think what surprised me the most is that LA has a lot of restrictions for parties. I thought that LA party scene will not sleep but after 2 am! The curfew on the beach that we can not be drinking beer in public was unexpected.

What is your favorite thing about Los Angeles?

I think my favorite thing is just the fact I am living my dream. LA has positive vibes and it is a fast and diverse city. I love the fact it put you through tough challenges but if you proved to be the best in LA. Then you are THE BEST!

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge was to get an acceptance from a well accredited university for an MBA program. As an international student I had to improve and hone my English language skills in order to pass different standardized tests required by Graduate Business School. After meticulous work I was recently accepted in University of California Riverside!

How did ELC help prepare you for the application process?

Since I joined ELC, everyone was helpful and concerned about my next future plan. The writing classes had huge help improving my writing skills for university level. Also business language classes which gave me a better understanding of the business words and culture. By the time I was applying to universities, I had incredible support from the staff. They guided me through the application and helped me in preparing the MBA essay. Also I appreciate that Vanessa, Kirsten and Vraje recommended me to several schools which definitely was a reason for me to be accepted and pursue my goals.

What was your favorite class at ELC?

I think this is the hardest question…but my favourite class was with Amy in conversation last summer. She made the class special with her positivity and teaching method. She was always smiling, funny and understanding.

What does it take to succeed?

What makes you succeed in life or anything depends on how much you want to have it. Take some risk, never give up, and learn from your mistakes to reach your goal. The determination to improve yourself and being able to open your mind to new ideas, understand a new culture, and think of how to help others is how you will find opportunities all around you and succeed in life.

Ahmed Hamidaddin photo

Ahmed Hamidaddin photo

Ahmed Hamidaddin photo

Ahmed Hamidaddin photo