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Student Spotlight – Aika Onoue August 16th, 2018

Aika Onoue is from Japan, and studied at ELC Los Angeles for 22 weeks in our Semi-Intensive Plus Course. Aika’s sense of humor is greatly appreciated by everyone she meets. Her communication skills and superb fashion sense has encouraged connections between students and staff.

Where were you born and raised? Describe what you remember about your upbringing.
I was born in Japan and raised in Japan. Since I was a child, I was really talkative. My character is not Chinese at all. I went to the supermarket every Saturday with my family to buy food for the whole week. My mom and dad, both of them are working, and both of them didn’t have time to make dinner, so my mom would cook food for the whole week on Sunday.

What was your favorite food your mom would cook for you?
Chingensai! It’s boiled and then the soy sauce is added, and then put in the katsuobushi and that’s it. It’s very simple food but it’s very good.

What is your special talent?
Maybe, I can communicate with a lot of people. It’s easy.

What’s surprising in LA?
When I came here, I felt really familiar with this city because this city looks a little bit like my home city.

Did you experience any culture shock?
When I lived with a girl from Switzerland, she always listened to music when we worked together. It surprised me because in Japan it would be rude, but here and in Switzerland it was not.

What do you miss the most about Japan?
Alcohol! I’m under 21 so I can’t drink here but I can in Japan.

What is your top three favorite places in Los Angeles?
Griffith Observatory, Manhattan Beach and Downtown LA because of all the tall buildings. I really love tall buildings because they remind me of my home city.

What’s the best food in Japan that you can also find here?
Tsukemen, it’s like soup but you have the noodles separate and then dip it into the soup. There was a great restaurant that tasted just like tsukemen in Japan.

What did you like about ELC?
There are a lot of different people here from Europe, so I’m talking to new people all the time from different places.

What is one tip for someone trying to learn English?
Talk to a lot of foreigners, like people from all different countries.

Aika in Los Angeles

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