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Student Spotlight – Ana Lucia Cotrim & José Armando do Amaral Jorge July 2nd, 2018

Born and raised:
We were born and raised in São João da Boa Vista / State: São Paulo/ Country: Brazil

Sao Joao da Boa Vista is in São Paulo State’s countyside, near the Mantiqueira Montain. This place is famous for the beautiful sunset with a multicolor sky. It is great place to do hiking, mountain bike, paraglider and swimming in waterfalls.

Nowadays we live and work in São Paulo City

Fun and hobbies:
We love to do barbecues with our friends and travel with our family.

Special talent:
Ana is very good at cooking while I have a knack for organization

Ana has been working in Sales Administration at Novartis Pharmaceutical. While I have been working in Purchasing area. I love to negotiate, and I have opportunity to learn many things and know many people.

We have a four years old boy. Ana has a sister and brother older than she is.

We have a Maltese Dog named Mel.

Our family live in countryside São João da Boa Vista.

Study English and place:
I decided to study because I need to improve my English. I wanted to study in a place with good weather, not too cold, and I wouldn’t have liked to go to a metropolitan city. I decided to go to California, but I was in doubts about if I should go to Santa Monica or Santa Barbara. Now I’m happy to had chosen Santa Barbara. So Ana come here to study with me in her vacation.

How we are living in São Paulo, Santa Barbara is very different. Santa Barbara doesn’t have the same hard traffic and security problems, instead it has a beach and mountains. Here I can do everything by bike and in 15 minutes I can go everywhere. Here I have a better quality of life.

I was surprised how many things there are to do and places to know in Santa Barbara or in cities near here. I have been living here for 2 months and 15 days and I haven’t had time to do everything that I would like to do. The people here in Santa Barbara is very friendly and polite too.

During this period that I’m here I missed my family and barbecuing with my Brazilian friends.

I liked to know the Courthouse, to go jogging on the beach and walk on the State Street.

I find a good restaurant to eat Brazilian food named Brazilian’s Art Cafe. I recommend for everybody to try Açaí Bowl and Brigadeiro there.

I had good moments in class, but for me the most interesting was to have a opportunity to make a conversation in English with students from other countries with other cultures. I learned many things in this moments about general culture.

My favorite activity at ELC have been talking in English with other students, and my favorite class is Grammar.

Talk a lot in English after the class, in the lunch time, doing shopping, at gym, etc. Try to speak with native speakers and watch tv only in English during your course and after you finish it.

We are going to travel for Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and Malibu. We are going to come back to Brazil after we finish our vacation.

Family in Santa Barbara