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Student Spotlight: Antonio de Haro April 14th, 2016

Antonio de Haro arrived to Los Angeles a few weeks ago with a suitcase and a guitar. For the next few weeks, Antonio will be taking English classes at ELC. But when he’s not in class, Antonio spends his time writing and composing music. For the past six years, he has been touring the country with Pablo Alboran, a famous Spanish singer. To find out what Antonio’s plans are after ELC, read on!

Where are you from?

Almeria, Spain. In the south of Spain. I travel a lot and live in Murcia. In this city I studied music composition. It’s near Almeria. The teacher is so good!

When did you start playing music?

I started playing music when I was four years old, starting with piano. My uncle gave me a Casio piano as a present and I remember taking the piano and it was so easy for me, like it was natural for me. My father played drums and my grandfather played trumpet and accordion. My father played pop music and recorded music in ‘82. I studied piano for ten years in Almeria and composition in Badajoz.

I also studied classical music, and now my job is to play bass for a famous singer in Spain, Pablo Alboran. I’ve played with him for six years and tour with him. I even played with him in LA in November!

Can you describe the first time you played a big concert?

I played my first concert with Pablo in 2010 in Malaga in Teatro Echegaray… and whoa!! It gives me goosebumps when I think of it.  My first time with him, as soon as he started playing and singing, I knew that someday he would be very famous.  And I was right.  It was amazing.

Why did you decide to study English in Los Angeles?

I want to study music for film, and I need to speak English to be able to speak with directors and producers. LA is the best city for the movie industry. In my speaking class, I have a Spanish friend whose husband is a producer for film. So, maybe I’ll get lucky. I got lucky before!

What were you surprised to learn about Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is so big. My experience in LA has been different from  what I expected. My expectation was that there were many people in the industry. I thought I would study English and compose music, but it has really been a life experience, too.  LA is so different from Spain. I miss the food all the time, I miss the lifestyle. Here, everything is early. By 6 PM here it is night, in Spain that is early.

Who is your favorite teacher at ELC?

My favorite teachers at ELC are Carmen and Charles. Charles reminds me of my grandfather because I think he’s a good man and has a kind face. And his energy.  And Carmen has told me she lived in Madrid for a long time, so I can relate to her.

What is your advice for someone who wants to study English in LA?

Have patience, especially during your first week. The first week for me was very difficult.. I felt homesick.

What are your plans for after ELC?

Right now, I am composing music for a short film in Murcia, in the city where I studied. It is a competition. I am hoping to win! I only have two months to compose and I have been working on this in the evenings. But I work hard, so I think it’s possible!  After ELC, I’ll go to Panama to tour again.

What are your tips to improve English?

Speak with people who do not share your native language. Read a book in English and watch movies in English.

Antonio Student Spotlight - guitar

Antonio student spotlight

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