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Student Spotlight – Corinna Huettemann May 26th, 2020

Corinna Huettemann is from Germany and is one of our ELC Los Angeles alumni. She studied at ELC Los Angeles a few times in recent years and returned to ELC via our virtual classroom. She thoroughly enjoyed her experience in ELC’s General English Courses, both in-person and online!

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In particular, Corinna enjoyed participating in Grammar class with Max, one of our teachers at ELC Los Angeles. In fact, she had such a great experience in Max’s grammar class at ELC Los Angeles, she decided to change her work schedule so she could join Max’s online class while in Germany. After joining Max’s online class, Corinna had to say that  “I never thought that it is possible to make classes so interesting and vivid by teaching online. It’s amazing. I’m already looking forward to my next class tomorrow!”.

Corinna had a lot to say about the quality of Max’s Grammar course. “He is always prepared and has an accurate and easily understandable concept. Whenever a student doesn’t know the grammar rule, Max explains it in a very clear way. He is always very patient and friendly…He manages to encourage students to take part in discussions, even for those who are shy or unconfident. His teaching style is very lively, rich in variety and motivating.”

Corinna was able to learn about more than just English and grammar. “It was also possible to ask questions beyond the education program. So, we also learned some things about the American way of life, which is very interesting to me.” 

Maxs Grammars Skills class.

Corinna was able to find a lot of value in her class even though she was studying from her home. Our classes are filled with students from countries all over the world so she was able to have a great international experience with her online classmates. Corinna had to say that “It is always a great experience to meet people whose mother tongue is a language I don’t understand. Because we are learning English, it’s possible to have great conversations with them. We had much fun and laughed a lot. I have to say, at the risk of repeating myself, that Max really does a fantastic job!”

When it came to finding time for studying online throughout her day, Corinna had to say that  “It was a bit stressful for me to combine work and my daily English classes, but after managing to be home on time for class, starting up the computer, and entering the virtual classroom, I immediately forgot the stressful day and was able to enjoy my class.”

Corinna stressed the importance of quality and experienced instructors when it comes to learning a new language, especially in an online course, “I have had several teachers at ELC so far and many at school and university in Germany. I must say that there are big differences. The effectiveness and learning fun depend on the teacher…There are teachers where it doesn’t make a difference if you are sitting in class or skipping class and doing something else.”

“Therefore, I appreciate it so much that Max did such a fantastic job. He is very competent, motivating, and always inspires a good mood. When you have talented teachers who succeed in making classes interesting and in building a student’s curiosity and motivation, the students learn a lot while having much fun. That’s the best combination, at least for me. ELC’s teaching staff has over 25 years of combined English teaching experience, some of which have spent more than 10 years teaching at ELC!

“I think the reputation of a school stands or falls on the quality of its teachers and, of course, on the people who are working in the administration” Corinna said about ELC’s administrative staff. “The staff at ELC is always approachable and responsive to student’s needs. They help and support students and keep school running. I’m always so happy about ELC’s support! I remember the first time in LA; I was really relieved because whenever I had a question I could ask the very kind staff, and they always found an answer to my question or a solution to my problem.”

Overall, “I learned a lot and had so much fun! Thanks to Max! He made my three weeks of ELC’s online courses productive and enjoyable! I am already looking forward to my next trip to Los Angeles to study at ELC!

Thank you for your kind words, Corinna! On behalf of ELC and our entire staff, we really are very glad to see that you gained so much from your time with us and we hope to see you in class again soon.