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Student Spotlight: Dany Lefrancois September 29th, 2014

Dany Lefrancois

Every student at ELC has a reason behind their desire to study and improve his or her English.

Many students study English to attend a University, study English simply for fun, or study English for their jobs. Dany Lefrancois is studying so he can learn English for his passion, which is also his career. Dany’s creativity and passion for his career spills out through his words and his gestures. When he was talks about his job his eyes light up with such genuine happiness. Let us tell you a little bit about Dany!


Dany is from Saguenay, Canada. He is studying in our Intensive English Course for three weeks. So what does Dany do for a living? I’m sure you are begging to know! Dany has three separate jobs all pertaining to being a puppeteer.

For fifteen years Dany has performed for Les Amis de Chiffon. Les Amis de Chiffon is a theatre that travels all over Quebec, Canada to perform Puppet Theater to children. Dany loves this job and loves seeing the children laugh and smile during his productions.


Because Dany wanted to share his love for the art of puppetry to a greater audience, he started his own business called Theatre de la Tortue Noire. La Tortue Noire have been invited to countries all over the world producing many different kinds of puppetry shows to adults. Dany wanted to share the passion and the excitement and the creativity with people his age. He and his team have already translated their original productions into Spanish and Italian!

Recently Dany acquired a third job. He is now the co-artistic director of Festival International des Arts de la Marionnette in Saguenay. This festival in his hometown brings puppet shows from all over the world into one area for six days of puppetry.

Dany came to ELC to learn English, like all of our students. However, his reason to learn English, like all of our students, is very unique. He will use his English skills to translate his performances to reach a greater audience and to network with other countries for the festival. His English has greatly improved since the beginning of his stay in Boston, we should add!

Best wishes, Dany! Thank you for studying at ELC and sharing your story. When we go to Quebec we be sure to watch your performance!