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Student Spotlight: Diego March 15th, 2013

diego2Diego is currently a student at the English Language Center here in Los Angeles, but prior to this, he was actually also an ELC Boston student! Diego is a very friendly student, who drops by our office quite often to have casual conversations with us. Right now he is enrolled in the Cambridge course, and is taking his exams this week. (Please wish him and the other students good luck!) Although the Cambridge exam itself can be pretty stressful, Diego even took the TOEFL iBT test during his own time – what a driven student! We were really lucky to have him here in Los Angeles, and wish him the best with his future.  

~ Cyndi (the Student Services Coordinator at ELC Los Angeles) & the ELC staff 

Cyndi: How was your stay in Boston, and how was your stay in Los Angeles? Were there any similarities or differences?

Diego: Boston, regarded as the European city of America, was such an incredible experience, not only did I meet amazing people from different countries, but it also was my first winter experience in the USA. My house was located close to the airport; as soon as I opened the window, I was able to see Boston’s skyline. At school, the ELC Staff was always willing to help everybody and the teachers were available at any time to resolve any doubts. In other words, my 6 months in Boston were unforgettable. Then, in January 2013, I moved to Los Angeles, the staff seemed as if they already knew me. I had the opportunity to go to San Francisco as well as Las Vegas. LA, unlike Boston, is a Big City, it takes more time to go to the beach, but trust me, it’s worth it. After 8 weeks at ELC LA studying for Cambridge Exam I am leaving with many memories to tell.


Cyndi: Why did you want to study in two different locations? Were you glad you did? 

Diego: Well, after General English I wanted to prepare for the Cambridge Exam, so I made a decision to move out of Boston and enroll in the 8-weeks Cambridge Preparation Course. Now I can say that this was the right decision, I feel confident I will pass the test. In addition, I am glad to have known many places in California as well as around the USA such as New York, Houston, Chicago, Miami, and the already mentioned San Francisco and Las Vegas.


Cyndi: What was your favorite memory at ELC?

Diego: Undoubtedly, my favorite memory at ELC was on Halloween. It was funny to see everybody wearing costumes, even during class. There were different competitions and free food. Spooky! In fact, there is a town on the outskirts of Boston famous for the Salem witch trials; I highly recommend visiting it.


Cyndi: What are your future plans?

Diego: Among my future plans are to continue my studies, start a Master Degree or MBA, and work as Engineer for a multinational company now that I can speak English, Portuguese, and of course Spanish. As Shakespeare said: “Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again ELC”