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Student Spotlight: Jenny Fabiola Quiroga Estacio August 27th, 2019

Jenny Fabiola Quiroga Estacio is from Bogotá, Columbia and has studied at ELC Boston for 24 weeks. Jenny decided to come to ELC Boston because she loves meeting new people. You will find her participating in all of our activities so she can meet new people and explore the city.

Where were you born and raised? Give us a mental picture of the place(s).

I was born in Bogota, Colombia. Bogota is Columbia’s capital city. The population is about 9 million people. It is 2,600 meters above the sea. In Bogota we have a saying “Bogota is 2,800 meter closer to the stars”. It is surrounded by beautiful mountain views and has a lot of culture and great food. If you like architecture, you would love Bogota. It has beautiful buildings all over the city. My favorite one is the Bacata building.

What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies?

I like to explore new places. I am new to New England and would like to explore all it has to offer. I like exercising and riding  bikes with my boyfriend. I also enjoy being in nature ,so hiking is something I enjoy doing.

What is your special talent?

My special talent is meeting new people. I am not afraid to say hello or have lunch with a new student. I really love getting to know people from different parts of the world and learning about other cultures. 

What is your profession? What do you like about it?

My profession is Hotel Administrator. I like it because it gives me an opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. 

Tell us about your family, do you have kids? Siblings? Do they live close to you?

I have a mom, who is like my sister, and a younger brother. He has a son who I love very much. We all live together in Bogota.

Why did you choose to study English in Boston? Did you consider other options?

I chose Boston because of it’s rich history in American culture. The city is beautiful and has lots of character. 

What are all the ways that Boston is different than your city/town?

Well, Boston is a lot smaller than Bogota… by about 8 billion people, it seems! I like the public transportation here. In Bogota, there is no train and lots of traffic, which makes it hard to get around the city. The weather is very different. In Bogota the weather is pretty consistent. I have never experienced all four seasons before. I love that in Boston, I can experience spring, summer, fall, winter…I even love the snow!

What were you most surprised to learn about the US or Boston ? Did you experience any culture shock?

Culture shock is an understatement. At first, I thought everyone in Boston was rude, but I was wrong. I now understand that Boston full of people busy with work and school.

What do you miss most about your country?

I miss my family, my friends and my mom’s beans!

What are your top three favorite places in Boston? 

My top three favorite places in Boston are: 1) Boston Common, 2) Back Bay, 3) Zakim Bridge. 

Where have you found the best food from your country in Boston?

I was able to find the best Columbian food in East Boston!

What was your favorite moment in class at ELC?

My favorite moment at ELC was my first day! I was so scared and so excited at the same time. It was snowing and I had never seen snow before. It was amazing!

Favorite activity at ELC?

My favorite activity at ELC was going rock climbing with all my friends.

What are some tips you have for people who want to learn English?

My advice to anyone learning who wants to learn English would be to focus and learn, but also to enjoy what is happening around you. Make friends, explore the city with them, and learn together. If you do that, it will be one of the greatest experiences you ever have.

What are your plans after ELC?

After ELC I hope to further my education.