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Student Spotlight: Kevin Kiser May 18th, 2015

Kevin Kiser is 21 and studying at English Language Center Santa Barbara from Switzerland! He has been studying in the Semi-Intensive Plus course for three months to improve his English. He also lives with a host family in Santa Barbara and enjoys going to the beach and being in the outdoors.

In Switzerland Kevin works as a helicopter mechanic on black hawk helicopters. He works for a company who’s main client is the Swiss Air force. To become a helicopter mechanic he had an apprenticeship for four years where he learned about the mechanics of helicopters. During this time he was also studying in school. He would work for three days learning about helicopters and the other two days he would study academics.

Kevin decided to learn English to better prepare for his career as a helicopter mechanic. In Switzerland many of the helicopter manuals as well as the flight speech and communication for traveling are in English. He also wanted to learn English for his own benefit so he could feel confidant while traveling. While in the United States he plans to travel to San Francisco, the National Parks, Las Vegas, and New York. After studying English at ELC he will continue studying to prepare for the Cambridge Exam.

His time in the United States has been an amazing learning experience. Before coming to Santa Barbara, he had never been to the United States. He has learned a lot about himself from traveling and having to make decisions on his own away from family and friends. He has enjoyed meeting people and experiencing the American way of life. Kevin describes American culture as open minded and laid back.

Some of Kevin’s interests include fitness, snowboarding, fishing, playing the drums, and spending time with friends. In Switzerland he loves to go snowboarding and be outdoors. In the future he would love to be able to own his own business, stay healthy, and go on vacation with family and friends.

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