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Student Spotlight: Lucas Larrahona July 23rd, 2015

Lucas Larrahona was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1990. He only lived there for two years, before moving to Belize, where he attended an English school. Here, he learned to speak English. When he got older, he maintained his English skills by making many English-speaking friends and making it a point to keep in touch with them. “It’s very important to always keep in touch with your friends and be updated on what is going on in their lives.” When Lucas is not working or studying, he says you can find him at a local bar or coffee shop chatting with a friend. He decided to study at ELC because he has not formally studied English in ten years, and he felt like it would be useful to review and perfect his skills.  Also, he was very interested in visiting Los Angeles.

His love of cinema is what drew him into studying in Los Angeles. His favorite movie of all time is an Italian movie by Giuseppe Tornatore called “Cinema Paradiso,” voted best foreign film in 1989. He also enjoys comedies, like the movie “Ted 2.”

As a big fan of the TV show “Californication,” the first thing he did when he got to Los Angeles was visit the protagonist of the show, Hank Moody’s apartment in Venice Beach.  Since then, Lucas has found himself in various locations in Los Angeles where the show was filmed without meaning to, such as a Porsche dealership in Beverly Hills.

Lucas has always had an interest in the film industry and the music industry. He has studied cinema and production and has worked extensively in the music industry.  For a few years, he worked as a DJ and event planner hosting parties in several clubs in Barcelona. He says that he enjoyed that lifestyle, but grew out of it and now is working more “normal” hours at a civil engineering company. Lucas has not entirely given up the DJ life, but is more selective about the gigs he chooses.  Upon returning to Spain, he will host “Lunedi Costa Este” in the Costa Brava, where he will stay for a month and oversee the operation.

Lucas is enjoying his time in Los Angeles so far — both in class and around the city. His favorite spot in the city is the rooftop of his ELC apartment, where he can enjoy the pool and nice city views.  In class, he especially enjoys presentations because it gives him the opportunity to talk to his classmates about his interests, and he gets to know them better when they speak about what interests them.  His tips for learning English are to “watch movies in their original version, talk with English speakers, and read.”

We have enjoyed having Lucas at ELC, and support him in achieving his dream job as an Executive Producer.  He certainly chose the best place for that aspiration!

Student Spotlight Lucas