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Student Spotlight – Mojgan Yassini March 11th, 2020

Mojgan Yassini lived in Iran until she was 10 years old, upon which she moved to France. She has studied at ELC Los Angeles for over 16 weeks in our Intensive 24 Course. Mojgan is a General Doctor who has visited California since she was 18 years old. Her overall goal is to improve her English and be able to live between the United States and France. 

Mojgan has a great memory, which has truly helped her flourish as a student and make wonderful progress! She enjoys being outdoors and loves the sunny, clear weather in Los Angeles. She has been playing tennis since she was 10 years old and it is still one of her hobbies. Three of her favorite places to visit in Los Angeles are the Getty Museum, Universal Studios, and Beverly Hills. 

One of the things Mojgan misses most about France is the food and good wine – although she believes the U.S. has good wine as well! She has not tried any French food while she was here as she wanted to focus on other culinary options. Mojgan was surprised to find out that most people use and need a car to get around Los Angeles, especially compared to France. Something that surprised Mojgan about the United States is the frequent use of slang and idioms; she has been working hard and practicing them, but they can be quite difficult to master!

Mojgan’s favorite class at ELC is American Culture with our phenomenal teacher, Max. Her favorite memories are in his class, learning about American Culture, history, and politics. Mojgan advises anyone who wants to learn English to come directly to the U.S. to study as they will learn much quicker. After Mojgan has finished her studying at ELC, she plans to go back to work.

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