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Student Spotlight: Olivia Wunderlin July 10th, 2015

Olivia Wunderlin is studying at ELC Santa Barbara for two months in the Semi-Intensive Plus course to learn English. She is twenty years old and speaks Swiss-German. She is from a small town in Switzerland called Wallbach.

During her free time, Olivia has many hobbies. She enjoys traveling, taking pictures, and hanging out with her close friends. She enjoys playing sports and athletics, especially tennis and gymnastics.

After Olivia is through with her course at ELC, she will continue her studies. She will be attending a university in Switzerland, majoring in Food Science.

Olivia has really enjoyed living and studying in Santa Barbara. While she’s been in Santa Barbara she has visited the Goleta Butterfly Preserve and the Channel Islands. She has also taken surf lessons and learned how to surf! She hopes to try stand-up paddle boarding and attend a BBQ at the beach to watch the sunset during the rest of her time in Santa Barbara.

This is Olivia’s first time living and traveling in the United States. She loves California beaches and exploring the different shops and restaurants on State Street. She likes Santa Barbara because it’s a small city, yet there is a lot to do.  On the weekend, Olivia took a trip to visit San Diego. She liked San Diego because it is a bigger city than Santa Barbara.  Since she is from a small town, it was fun for her to be able to be in a larger city that had both skyscrapers and beaches.

Olivia has traveled to many countries all over the world! She has been to Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Greece and Turkey. She has also been to South Africa, Bali, and Singapore. Singapore was her favorite place she’s ever traveled! She enjoyed being in Asia and seeing the beautiful ocean and the way of life.

Olivia in San Diego

Olivia at the Butterfly Preserve

Olivia surfing - student spotlight

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