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Student Spotlight: Pavel Derevyanko (Russian Actor) March 27th, 2013

Pavel Derevyanko

All our students are considered super stars (obviously!), but did you know that some of our students are actually considered stars internationally?


Pavel Derevyanko was one of our students who is currently an actor in Russia. He actually studied here a few years ago, so he was also a returning student! He always came by the office with a smile, and greeted everyone with full positivity. We wanted to know more about him through an interview, and he happily accepted to answer some questions for us.

When we asked Pavel why he decided to study English, he said that the main reason is self-improvement. He explained “I can talk with many other people and there are a lot of information that is available in English like songs, movies, books,” and more. Pavel also wants to possibly work in the United States, and said “I want to be here not as a tourist, but as a part of society.” He felt that there were more friendly people in the U.S., and more democratic than Russia. Pavel said he returned to ELC because he’s been here, and is comfortable knowing the location and people. Some of his favorite places are Venice Beach, streets like Sunset Blvd, and Marina Del Rey.

Pavel has been acting since 2000, and says that he likes acting because he has a chance to improve himself  and considers it the “greatest work.” Through acting, he can live in others’ lives through the character. Pavel told us that his favorite movie was “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” When asked why he liked that, he said that it’s hard to explain, but he likes how it’s funny, full of freedom, and he can understand the character.

Pavel said his future plans are to work, have fun, and travel around. And guess what? We asked him if he was planning to return to ELC, and he said yes, he wants to! He also left ELC with a smile, and said “I love you, guys!” Good luck to Pavel from all of us at ELC Los Angeles, and we hope to see you soon again!

Pavel & the ELC Los Angeles Staff (pictured below)

Pavel & the ELC Los Angeles staff