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Student Spotlight: Raymond Medina March 29th, 2015

Raymond Medina

Raymond Medina is from Venezuela. He is currently studying English at ELC Los Angeles. Previously he had transferred from ELC Boston to ELC Los Angeles. With help from his ELC Academic Advisor Christina, Raymond is applying to college in the United States to pursue his dream of becoming an investor in medical research.

Where are you from and why did you decide to come to study in the US?

I am from Venezuela. I was born in Anzoutegui City in a little town called Lecheria on February 3rd, 1997.

I decided to study in the US to have a good and different experience in my life because I knew that this would have a big impact on my life and that it would be a positive experience.

The US is recognized as the country of opportunities and those who have good values and strength will succeed in this country.

You studied at ELC Boston and ELC Los Angeles. What did/do you like about studying in Boston? Los Angeles?

I liked everything about Boston. I met a lot of friends and liked going out everyday. We went skiing in the winter and rode bicycles all over the city. Sometimes I went to the library. Boston was an amazing experience because it’s not like other towns. In Boston, everyone is friendly and active. It’s easy to meet friends and there’s a lot to do. I went to church and met some friends, and ate with them after work. I loved eating at Unos.

My favorite thing about LA is the staff at ELC! The weather is good and it is easy to meet friends at UCLA. UCLA is a good example of LA; it’s open to the public, and is very diverse. You see many people of different backgrounds. I enjoy studying at the Powell library.

What subject do you want to study in a US University? What do you like about it?

I want to study Economics and Finance. I like the opportunities available in the field. I would like to invest in the countries that I have lived in, and invest in medical research.

What US Universities are you thinking about applying to? Did you already begin applying?

I am applying to Valencia College in Florida to begin taking classes in the Summer.

How do you work with your ELC Advisor? What is helpful?

Christina is very helpful, and Nancy is very kind. Sarah takes care of me like a mother. Vanessa has a lot of patience with me. I have gotten to know them well over time. They treat me like a family member.

Christina is helping me with the application–she is very on top of things– and Nancy has been helpful guiding me through the transfer process. It is helpful to have advisors to guide me through the application process and who care about my future.

How did ELC English courses help you increase your English skills?

ELC classes are very helpful, and the teachers feel like they are your friends. They are concerned with my english improvement. The TOEFL class has prepared me for the exam, which I am taking this Saturday morning.

Any words of advice to other students who want to study in the US?

If you want to learn English, you have to focus and surround yourself with English speakers. If you want to learn, you will learn, but if you want to joke, you will not learn.

Raymond Medina