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Student Spotlight – Sandra Edi Di Donato May 11th, 2017

Sandra has studied here at ELC Boston with us for eight weeks. Her home country is Argentina, and she lives in the town of Cordoba. Sandra is a smart business owner back home and wanted to study English so as to expand her company. We’ve been so lucky to have her at ELC Boston! She was even nominated to be a student Ambassador for the IALC conference held this past March. Sandra, of all the many students we’ve had here in Boston, has the special gift of uniting different people from many different places. We’ll always miss her kindness, generous spirit, and hugs every morning, but she promises to visit us often in the future!

In terms of your experience at ELC in particular, and Boston in general, what do you feel most proud of?

I’m most proud of my performance in classes. When I can speak with my teachers and classmates clearly, it makes me very proud because I never studied English before. Communicating, and being understood, for me, is a huge accomplishment.

What has been the best activity you participated in and why?

In school my favorite activity was the Potluck. All the students, staff, and teachers brought food from their country. It was a very uniting moment to share food and love with everyone. I think all our relationships improved after that meal together. We discussed customs, accents, and other information about our countries. It was great way to practice my English!

What teacher at ELC made the most impact on you and why?

Matt’s grammar class has a specific style that I enjoy. He writes everything on the board. His grammar explanations are very detailed, he pays attention to every student, and is thorough when explaining difficult concepts. Also Dave explains well and in addition uses humor to make the class interesting. He helps us to self-correct, and encourages us to help classmates when they make mistakes.

What are your hobbies?

I like all outdoor activities and just being active. So I bike a lot, inline skate, oh, and dancing with my friends!

What is your favorite English word?

I like the word ‘exciting’! When I first learned this word I immediately knew it would be one of my favorites and it made me smile to say it. I can use exciting to describe many of the best things here in Boston.

What is your favorite American food/place?

Pork ribs! I didn’t have this in Boston but at a restaurant called Tony Roma’s Steakhouse. I love them! In Boston I enjoy eating the seafood, especially the lobsters and crabs.

What would your advice be to an incoming ELC student?

First, don’t be shy. Just say “Hello”. Say hello to anyone and everyone. That’s the first step to starting a conversation and possibly finding a new friend. All the the people at ELC, staff, teachers, and students, are super nice and polite and will help if you ask. Also, it’s very important to speak with students from other countries and at different levels. I can guarantee, even if you study at ELC for a short time, if you follow this advice you will improve your English and make good friends!

What does the future look like for you?

I will absolutely continue to study English and I think I will come back to ELC. I also want to travel more in the USA for work. ELC has opened a new door for me. I feel like there’s a world of opportunities waiting out there and I am ready to meet them!

Sandra Di Donato