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Student Spotlight – Sina Staub and Adrian Aregger! December 22nd, 2016

Sina and Adrian are from Switzerland and studied with us for our FCE program with their favorite teacher, Erika. We had the pleasure of spending 12 wonderful weeks with them, as they studied, travelled and explored Santa Barbara. We enjoyed following their adventures, and will miss having them in Santa Barbara! Read on to learn more about this awesome inseparable couple!

Is this your first time in the US?

Sina- No, I have been to Miami, New York, LA, Chicago to travel. This is my first time studying in the US though!

Adrian- I have been twice before. Once in NY and once to Chicago with Sina. We also went to Milwaukee and saw the Harley Davidson museum!

What were you surprised to learn about the US or Santa Barbara? Did you experience culture shock?

S- I was not too shocked by Santa Barbara, but I was surprised to learn that so many people are divorced! In Switzerland, not a lot of people get divorced, where it seems everyone in the US does!

A- No, not really any culture shock. It was just not as busy or stressful as I used to believe it was. It’s more of the California way of life here, where everyone seems so laid back and you can feel it.

What do you miss about your country?

S- I really miss the food, especially the food like cheese and Christmas cookies. I guess my family as well…

A- I miss family and friends and all the normal habits back in Switzerland, like my soccer training.

What do you do for fun?

S- We love to travel together! We had many traveling opportunities together here in Santa Barbara with each other and our friends!

A- I love to play sports like soccer, to travel, and to spend time with friends.

What are your hobbies?

S- Back in Switzerland, I like to babysit, and I lead a teenager club. I like to have fun with my friends all around the world.

A- Did I mention I like soccer? I also love to ride my motorbike in Switzerland.

Do you have any tips for people who want to learn English?

S- You have to speak with people as often as possible. It’s helpful to practice with people, even if they are in the same country as you. It also helps to watch a lot of serious TV shows.

A- Try to speak as much English as possible, go to the cinema, read in English, watch Netflix to train your ear and brain.

What is your favorite place in Santa Barbara and why?

S- McConnell’s, because they have the best ice cream I’ve ever had, and we made so many special memories there!

A- I really loved the batting cages! It was so much fun to play with friends and eat tacos!

What are your favorite moments inside and outside of class at ELC?

S – We had a lot of fun with our teacher Erika, who is the best actress. Every day was fun with her at school, not like regular school. Who has fun at school?! All of the holidays and parties, and activities were so memorable and fun.

A- The talks we had at school, inside and outside of class! I had many memorable discussions with many amazing people!

What are your plans after ELC? Short term, and long term!

S- I want to be a teacher, so I will study to be one!

A – Sina and I will travel to Hawaii in the short-term. For the long term plans, who knows?!

student spotlight sina adrian

student spotlight sina adrian

student spotlight sina adrian

student spotlight sina adrian

student spotlight sina adrian