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Student Spotlight – Stefan Caviezel July 13th, 2017

Stefan, and his son Marco, came to ELC Santa Barbara from Chur, Switzerland. They studied at Santa Barbara before their travels around the US, enhancing their English, and discovering the wonderful sights and amenities of Santa Barbara. We enjoyed getting to know Stefan, as well as his son Marco! Read on below to learn more about Stefan!

Is this your first time in the US?

No. In 1998, I was traveling around and 3 months in school (University of Nebraska, Omaha). In 1994 during the soccer World Cup in Detroit and San Francisco. Also two times in Las Vegas at least one year ago.

What were you surprised to learn about the US or Santa Barbara? Did you experience culture shock?

It wasn’t a culture shock at all. If you smoke it’s different. About the rule that drinking a beer at age 21 is very “confusing.” But other countries have other rules and you take it as it is. The tax and tips systems are also different.

What do you miss about your country?

The eating is different. Less would be more. One day you will change this system of people who prefer to eat a lot and pay less. If I eat three hamburgers I get one for free… I miss the mountains, more freedom, and the smaller size of the state.

What do you do for fun?

We went to the beach, played tennis and golf. The Sandpiper is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

What are your hobbies?

Golf, skiing, old or fast cars, “wine and dine”, and being together with friends.

Do you have any tips for people who want to learn English?

Go to school! You should take this time to get into the language. Talk with everyone you can and be open to using the language (speak!), so you’ll learn. Watch movies and read papers.

What is your favorite place in Santa Barbara?

The beach, downtown, old Mission Santa Barbara, which was a Spanish mission station, and the Loquita restaurant (Spanish food).

What are your favorite moments in class at ELC?

Playing golf at the Sandpiper. I really enjoyed the lessons in school with Michael. He’s a very good teacher and also a very good person. I’m grateful that I met him.

What are your plans after ELC?

We go to LA for two nights. After that we travel slowly to San Francisco where we stay for four nights. Then we drive to Las Vegas (and Death Valley) and stay for five nights.