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Student Spotlight – Wejdan Battarjee! March 30th, 2017

Wejdan is from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and she’s lived in the US for five years now. She first traveled to Chicago to study in a post graduate program. After Chicago, Wejdan spent time as a
researcher at Johns Hopkins University, then later she was accepted as a researcher here in Boston at Tufts University School of Medicine. Wejdan says her family has been most supportive of all her academic pursuits and she knows they’re proud. With all her career achievement, Wejdan recently began to wonder if her English skills might also need some improvement. She mentioned wanting her patients and colleagues to understand her better. So she sought out ELC, and we’re so lucky to have her!

In terms of your experience at ELC in particular and Boston in general, what do you feel most proud of?

I’ve been at ELC such a short time and already I’m seeing improvement in my English. At this very moment I can say I’m proud I received 100% on my assessment this week, after not performing so well last week. I’m happy my score this week reflects the great teachers and learning environment here and that ELC is getting the best from me.

What has been the best activity you participated in and why?

Last week we played soccer, and the team I was on won!!! Actually, meeting friends from all over the world makes every activity at ELC a precious thing. We’re always learning about each others’ cultures and lives. For example, because of my classmates, I know greetings in so many different languages.

What teacher at ELC made the most impact on you and why?

Robert for sure! And then also Janet. Robert is amazing, I will even come visit him after my studies are finished. He’s organized and very supportive of us. I think he has a talent for teaching. Class is challenging, and he’s able to somehow incorporate everyone without ever halting the flow of the class.

What are your hobbies?

The number one hobby for me is tennis. I started playing while in Chicago and I’m very proud to have continued even after learning to play so late. Janet says she will be my new tennis opponent! I can’t wait.

What is your favorite English word?

Anesthesiology. Because it’s the name of my field, but also because it’s funny watching native English speakers attempt to spell it. Lol.

What is your favorite American food/place?

Hmmm, I love food and eating. I think most important for me is trying out new food. So I often look online for recommendations. And Boston has so many different types of cuisine.

What would your advice be to an incoming ELC student?

Take it seriously. Everyone here, staff, teachers, and classmates are so welcoming and ready to help the students. You have to take advantage of this moment. I’ve only been studying at ELC 10 days and already I can see improvement.

What does the future look like for you?

Well, my goals are clear. I want to be an American Board Certified Anesthesiologist. I’m still thinking about what to make my sub-speciality. And eventually my goal is to return to Saudi Arabia with all my skills and knowledge and practice medicine there.

Student Spotlight Wejdan