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Student Spotlight: Yuki Terada September 9th, 2015

Yuki Terada is studying at ELC Santa Barbara for four weeks in the English Plus Yoga Program. She takes English Grammar and Conversation classes in the morning and takes yoga classes at the CorePower Yoga Studio on State Street in the afternoon. The yoga studio is very close to the school and Yuki is able to walk there after her afternoon lunch break.

So far Yuki is enjoying the yoga classes and has tried a few different types. Her favorite classes are Yoga 1, Yoga 1.5, and Yoga Sculpt. Yoga 1 is a contemplative yoga class for beginners in which you learn the basic yoga poses. Yoga 1.5 is a bit harder than the beginner class, combining yoga poses with a heated room to make the class more challenging. Finally, yoga sculpt is a yoga class that combines yoga poses with weights and strength training exercises for more of an intense workout.

In Tokyo, Yuki is studying Engineering to become an international commercial pilot. She loves to travel and enjoys the experience of flying on airplanes. Unlike most people, she isn’t afraid of flying but finds it to be exciting. She came to the English Language Center to improve her English with the hope of traveling in the future. One thing Yuki has enjoyed about her classes is how lively students are. She has also enjoyed getting to know students from Switzerland and Saudi Arabia and learning about their cultures.

Yuki’s favorite food from Japan is sushi but also Shabu Shabu. Shabu Shabu is a soup with different types of meat and broth. Usually Japanese Shabu Shabu doesn’t have noodles but just meat and vegetables. She has tried American Japanese food in Santa Barbara, but nothing is quite the same as in Tokyo. Tokyo is different from Santa Barbara for many reasons. In particular, the architecture and types of buildings are very different. Tokyo is a city with many tall buildings and even in Los Angeles there are no tall buildings quite like in Tokyo.


Yuki Student Spotlight