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Student Spotlight – Yunji Lee! December 8th, 2016

Yunji is one of our students from Korea. She lived in Seoul before coming to study English in the US. Her work is in the field of graphic design and also education.

What has been the best activity you participated in and why?

ICE CREAM SOCIAL! I also loved the seasonal and holiday celebrations. We decorated the school for X-mas last week, many of the students participated. And last month we all celebrated Thanksgiving with a huge lunch party. I’ve attended five different English programs, but the celebrations at ELC are really unique. I enjoy the school environment, and students are all invited to attend and participate at every stage.

What teacher at ELC made the most impact on you and why?

I first met teacher Janet for an academic tutoring session. When I came to ELC I learned of the free tutoring session so I signed up. Janet has a very important skill for an ESL teacher. She can understand my questions, even when I couldn’t always express my meaning. And teacher Dan is my other favorite. His American culture class taught me so much about life in the US.

What are your hobbies?

My top hobby is baking. And my favorite recipe to make is Elvis Presley’s Pound Cake. Everyone should try. It’s tasty and fun to bake.

What is your favorite English word?

Instead I will share my favorite English phrase. “Still waters run deep”. A teacher once used this phrase to describe me and I’ve loved it since then.

What is your favorite American food/place?

This may sound strange, but I tried fried Oreos and fried Snickers and they tasted amazing. Dave suggested these desserts in our American Culture class. And when I visited Salem for Halloween there was a shop to buy them. Soooooo good!

What would your advice be to an incoming ELC student?

Trust yourself, trust your teachers and what they’re teaching you. Don’t give up, because if you just keep showing up and practicing, you may not notice but your level will be improving naturally.

What does the future look like for you?

After finishing my studies I would like to focus on teaching art classes to children. And I’ve gotten really great ideas from activities I’ve participated in in Boston. For example pumpkin carving and Easter egg decorating.

Student Spotlight Yunji Lee