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Suggestions: Living in Boston November 16th, 2010

View of the Boston Public Garden in the Fall

If you don’t stay for a long time, make sure that you use your free time after school to explore the city. The weekend is definitely not enough!

–  If you want to go to a Red Sox game make sure to buy your tickets as soon as you can. You’ll have the chance to get cheap tickets/good seats.

–  For at least one day during your stay, visit the beach (for example, Revere Beach) and just relax.

–  If you want to get a great skyline picture of Boston, go to Winthrop Harbor or Point Shirley. From there, you have a great view.

–  Visit the House of Blues (15 Lansdowne Street). It’s a concert hall and bar; the drinks are expensive but you can buy good gifts at their little shop.

–  If you need an electronic item, go to Best Buy (360 Newbury Street); they have great deals.

–  If you want to go to Wrentham Outlets check out the website before so you have an idea of where you want to go. If you have around four people, rent a car! It’s way cheaper.

Sunset in the Boston Public Garden

Contribution by Aline (Switzerland) from Aayesha’s Advanced Reading & Writing