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Surf’s Up! : A Student’s First Time on the Waves January 30th, 2013

SB Surfing 3

Our Swiss student Jan (Pronounced: “Yahn”) finally got to test out his surfing skills for the first time. He headed out to Carpinteria for his surf lesson. Lo and behold, the waves were great for a first time surfer. He got up and was successful in riding those waves!

Jan left ELC last week, but he was such a fun guy to have around at school. He’s a skilled cyclist who is training for some serious racing! How cool is that? We’ll miss you, Jan! Come back and visit us sometime soon!

SB SurfingSB Surfing 2

Sidenote: So far, the surf lessons have been one of the most popular outings our ELC Santa Barbara activities calendar! Our students come back so excited and look forward to the next time can go surfing.