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ELC - English Language Center Los Angeles
Table Tennis Tournament! October 27th, 2010

12 ELC students entered into a contest of speed, skill, and heart to claim the highest prize in the land.  A mighty battle of epic proportions transpired.  After the dust had settled, a champion was crowned.

ELC Los Angeles held its first Table Tennis Tournament! Aside from the participants, many onlookers stood along the sidelines and cheered for their favorite competitor! Most of the time the room was silent due to the suspense that each swing of the paddle created. Even though there was only one winner, everyone had so much fun with the help of the delicious Diddy Riese cookies that were provided. It was so successful that talks of another tournament are keeping the competitive spirit alive!

Shui Giang was the last man standing, and his hand was raised high. His gigantic medal is the envy of all the table tennis players on campus.

Photos contributed by Shiho Kimura